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120V Power Strip

This 6 outlet 2 usb power strip surge protector is perfect for protecting your lowe's or other outlet 2 in your home. This power strip has 6 outlet options and 2 usb power strips to protect you and your items. This power strip is also 24 ac power supplies so you can rest assured that you're covered should something go wrong with your power strip.

Top 120V Power Strip Comparison

This 6-outlet power strip with individual switches is perfect for bunching together power supplies, tv's, and other devices. It has a 6-foot cord and is white with a 120v stripe. This strip is perfect for small spaces or just to have a power strip to keep your house clean.
this 12 outlet power strip is perfect for power outages. It has a 12v power strip that can protect your home or office from outages. The power strip has two usb 3ft 15a max protection and is surge resistant.
this is a 6-outlet surge protector that works with 12 v, 240 v, 2 ios and 2 rg. It has a 6-ft extension cord, so it can reach most of the home'snergeway. It has a 6-outlet socket, so your devices can power up easily.